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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Look who's here!

It's me!

***Note, I've been trying to post this blog for 3 days, but for some reason I can't get the pictures to upload. I don't get it, but anyway, I give up. So here's the blog I wrote on Nov 1, sans photos.

I'm taking a break from studying all of the muscles of the head to catch up with y'all. Lots has been going on since the last time I blogged.

First of all, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to Flipsycab, who got ENGAGED last night! How cool is that? I think she is a very lucky girl, and her O-man is a very lucky guy. I wish them both the very very best, and feel so happy for them! Yay! Go wish her congrats!

Also, as many of you may have noticed, last night was Halloween. And if you've been paying attention, you'll note that I happen to LOVE Halloween. BUT...this is the first year I didn't do a costume in a long time, at least as long as I've known Andy, since he loves Halloween too. With the Hday falling on a Tuesday, though, and with me having a big pathophysiology test today (I got an A...) we couldn't do things like we normally do. Besides, we were pretty darn excited that we might actually get trick-or-treaters in our new house! So we carved up our pumpkins, which was FUN, and decorated the house and bought bags of candy.

We actually got several trick-or-treaters, not a ton but more than two, and we even got one "trick-or-drink"er. He held out a shot glass. Sounds like a good idea to some of you, doesn't it? I thought it was kind of strange, after all, he was dressed in a weird-ass costume, some frog-alien thing, and he was all by himself! I could have understood better if he was with a bunch of friends or something. Anyway, we got a big kick out of handing out candy. With both went to the door each time, but we took turns who got to hold the candy basket. The little tiny kids were super cute.

ALSO, you probably don't realize what an important day it is today. It's the first day of Sonics season! YAY!! Go Sonics! (I mean that in a go-forth-and-conquer sort of way, not a go-to-Oklahoma-City kind of way) Please root for us, if we have a kick-ass season it will really increase the chance that the city will keep the team!!!

AND, Andy happened to get 2 tickets to Monday Night Football to watch the Seahawks and Raiders. Go Seahawks! I can't wait!

Well, Andy has almost completely moved in (he's unpacking some of the last stuff as we speak) and we are getting on great down here in Sea-Town. School is going well. It's really busy and there is a lot of homework (at least compared to the last time I was in college, when I wasn't frequently sober, didn't go to class, and only took 12 credits at a time) but I'm handling it and getting good grades. We've started actually poking each other in the mouth with sharp objects, which is going to take some practice, but I just need to be patient with myself and I'll get good at it.

Ok, well back to the muscles of mastication. I hope all of YOU are doing well too!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Not Dead...

...Just busy. School has started up and it's pretty overwhelming. And on the weekends I've been driving back to the Belly to visit Andy. He thinks he'll be done working up there maybe on Friday (yay!!) and will be actually physically moving down here as soon as he's done packing the odds and ends. I can't wait.

But, I've been bad about blogging. And I have lots to tell you all about, but I just haven't had the time. I will though! And maybe I'll even have some pictures. For all of you who have emailed me...I WILL get back to you soon. Bear with me.

To sum up: School is good, Seattle is good, I am good. Just very busy. More soon!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Meme

This little meme comes to me from Stennie who got it from Bitterspice, and she told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on and so on...and does anyone remember actually seeing that ad? Not just hearing about it on I Love the 80's, but actually seeing it? I do. Also, aside: remember when there was a rumor going around that Marilyn Manson was really Paul from the Wonder Years? That was funny. Anyway, the meme.

Here's the deal, leave me a comment and I'll give you a letter, if you haven't already gotten one from Stennie or Bitterspice etc. And then you will do like I have done, list five songs starting with your assigned letter and say a little somepthin' about why you chose the song. My letter is I.

Why do I always get the letter I? I got the letter I for the last one of these. I is hard, people!!! But here goes.

Imagine, by John Lennon. Partly because that record is on the end of the top shelf of our LPs, so I can see it from where I'm sitting. And partly because it's a beautiful song. I always loved John Lennon best of the Beatles. A lot of his solo stuff was pretty crappy, but this song is probably the best thing he ever did.

I'm Waiting for the Man, by the Velvet Underground. I love love love this band and this song just about sums them up. I also thought about choosing "I'll Be Your Mirror," because it is Lou Reed's favorite song that he wrote, and also "I'm Sticking With You" because Moe Tucker sings on it and because it's ironic and quirky and dark and funny and easy to listen to. Maybe I should have chosen it. But I'm Waiting For the Man is classic Velvets.

I Am a Rock, by Simon and Garfunkel. Not my favorite S&G song, it's a good song and all, but not my favorite. It IS the only song by the group that starts with the letter I. But I love these guys so much that I'm just glad they have one I song so I could list them here. If I could have the music talent of one person, living-dead-imaginary, it would be Paul Simon.

I Fall to Pieces, Patsy Cline. What a lovely sad song by a lovely sad lady. When I was first discovering my singing voice, when the radio in my car was broken, a friend and I would drive around singing in harmony a-cappella. That was when I learned to sing, and learned to sing in harmony. I Fall to Pieces was one of our favorites.

Istanbul, Not Constantinople, by They Might Be Giants. Because it's the first song that popped into my head when I found out my letter was I. And it's not Constantinople, people. So don't stick your foot in your mouth. I'd hate for you to be embarrassed.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Last Day of Work!!!!!!!!

Wish me congratulations!

This is my last day of work ---- EVER!!! Ok, maybe not ever, but for the next 2 years anyway! And then when I'm out of school and I do go back to work, it will be in a whole new career! Will I miss this job? NO!! I'll miss some of the people, of course, and I'll definitely miss the paychecks (duh), but I can't wait to get out of here.

Here's how I feel about the whole thing.....

In other words....Yay! They're having a potluck for me at lunch and then my assistant is throwing a bash for me tonight. It's Hawaiian theme - I'm making Blue Hawaiin drinks. But I can't have too many, cause early tomorrow morning we're MOVING!!! The next time I blog I shall be blogging from my new home in Seattle. See ya then!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Welcome Home Sweet Home

Well, we finally did it - we went down and signed the lease on our NEW HOME IN BALLARD!!! We love it. We're actually kind of in shock about the whole thing - filled with relief, and happy with our choice. But also kinda weirded-out with the whole idea of swapping in our lives for a whole new kind of life. Everything will be new and different now. Not just where we live, but where we buy groceries, the coffee stand we go to, what job/school we go off to everyday, where we spend our time on the weekends, what we do for fun, who we do fun things with, all of it. And we're both excited and nervous about the change. At least we got a good place to come home to, that's step number one. And it has a good feeling, it's light and airy and nice and....well, see for yourselves. I took pictures, only I'm kinda stupid and half the pictures I took I forgot to SAVE (dork). But you'll get the idea, anyway.

This is looking from the living room, through the kitchen to the dining room. There is a back deck that wraps around the two walls you can see that will be great for barbecues.

The kitchen. It has a dishwasher, which I'm thrilled about since I've been without one for the past 6 years. And a garbage disposal which will be great because Andy is not real big on using the sink strainer...this will save on drain-o.

This will be our bedroom. (and that would be Andy's butt). I didn't get a great shot of it, but the ceiling slants down on one side and then to Andy's left is a built in bookshelf and closet. The house has lots of neat little built-in shelves and nick-nack spaces that is kind of fun. And lots of light.

This picture came out dark and shadowy, but it's because it's the lightest place in the house - all windows. This area is in the living room and will be our music space. Andy's recording desk and computer and my keyboard and our guitars and stuff will live here.

This is the downstairs bathroom. It's tiny but very cute, and right by the front door for those "emergencies" after a long commute.

This is the second bedroom. We haven't exactly decided what to do with it yet. If Andy gets a Roland V-Drum set (electronic drums you can play through headphones and not wake the neighbors, or bother your studying girlfriend) he will put them in here. We'd also like to use it as a guest room, but once we get our stuff in we'll see what works best.

This is the only crappy picture I came away with of the living room. It's nice and big and has a good feeling. No, none of this furniture is ours - the place was previously rented furnished, but they are moving all of this stuff out before we move in. Our official occupancy date is 9/9/06 (Andy and my 8 year anniversary!!!) Wanna help us move?

And finally, the tiny back yard. That's fine, I don't see myself using it that much since we have such a big back porch. It's very private, though. The bushes go way up high and lend a lot of privacy to the deck too.

And that's it! I'm bummed that the picture I took of the front of the place didn't get saved. And the upstairs bathroom - it's really big and funky, the bathtub is partially enclosed in glass brick, there's a large shelving unit right in the middle for all your bathroom needs, and it has TWO SINKS! (one of my favorite parts of the whole house - since Andy and I are so tired of doing the do-si-do at the mirror in the morning.) And I didn't take a picture in the basement, but there's a washer/dryer, storage space, and a workshop area for Andy. You'll just have to use your imagination for that. OR you'll have to come and visit!

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